Wednesday, 1 October 2008

A Must for Any Canadian to Read

While I'll admit to greatly admiring Pierre Elliott Trudeau, I did try to read his Memoirs with an unbaised view.

What I found was a man who attempted to view his world without bias, to plot a course of justice, equality and dynamism that has, in fact, shaped the very foundation of what it means to be Canadian.

His memoire is written in a very casual, conversational tone. You can almost hear him speaking. As such it's also a remarkable insight into the man, who, I believe, was not the arrogant tyrant some extreme right-wing individuals have believed, but rather a man of high intellect and ideals, somewhat self-effacing, who honestly didn't understand when other people could not see the justice and logic of a plan of action.

I believe this book should be a foundation piece in every personal and public library. Highly recommended.

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