Sunday, 30 August 2009

Great Signing in Oshawa

Still hoarse from a delightfully verbose afternoon (I don’t get out much) but just wanted to say what a great book signing I had at Chapters in Oshawa, Ontario! I wasn’t expecting the event to go particularly well, but was delighted and inspired by the depth and intelligence of conversation with the people I met. One young fellow, a cellist, walked out with my books after a discussion about art being a mistress of the spirit, while our beloveds are mistresses of our hearts. Another young fellow, sporting a very preppy orange and blue tie over a chambray embroidered shirt, discussed the need for realism and honesty in literature.

The staff at Chapters were fabulous – so engaged, helpful, enthusiastic. And we sold about a third of the stock they brought in of And the Angels Sang and Shadow Song. They’re thrilled. I’m thrilled. They want me back late winter next year for signing of my newest, From Mountains of Ice. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Exhausted but contented this morning, and now going in search of some coffee and serenity in this big old stone house while the rain hisses outside.

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